Friday, February 09, 2007

Jon Stewart has the easiest job in the world

Quoth the master, "It turns out they weren’t even capable of hollow posturing."

Go to Truthdig and scroll down to "No. 4: A ‘Comatose’ Congress".


  1. Thanks for the "Gee Up" I have the research gathered and finished for yer man man and his creationist park, a truly "only in America" story. But there again, although it could be shear coincidence, I have come across a fair few Australians who subscribe to the young earth nonsense.
    And when you think about it Australia of all places, in the time frame yer man is rattling on about I think the aborigines had already sorted and put to bed the basics of aero-dynamics.

    It does kind of bring a smile though, picturing dinasaur hunting with a boomerang.

    I seem to be using the word tangent quite frequently of late, perhaps it's because I'm always going off on one,but as I make mention of Australia and Larry mentions enlightenment in the piece below, which I shall go back and digest at someother time as differs from this ungodly hour that finds me writing this.

    Some few years past I purchased a small yacht that was to become my home for the next decade or more, given what she was named, which I shall not inflict upon you, and how she arrived to be called that, all I have to say here is what kind of man names his boat after a hybrid combination of his wife, and wait a moment, his mother in-in-law?

    Well I was having none of it, bad luck or nay the name had to go.
    And it was with no little thought, and given that which I was about to embark upon, to bugger orf, it seemed quite natural for my little boateen to adopt her new name of "Walkabout" walkabout in the aboriginal sense, "To wander in search of enlightenment."

  2. I think your Jon Stewart link might need some attention.

  3. Doh!

    Fixed on my end, but the destination appears to be having difficulties.


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