Monday, February 19, 2007

Political Correctness

Ok, I have a dirty little secret. I read Violent Acres from time to time. I really don't know why she's so famous; she's a moderately good writer at about the advanced Junior High level of moral and intellectual maturity. Her only saving grace is that she seems to have a little bit of self-awareness.

(Thankfully she doesn't have comments; I'd really hate to be tempted to glimpse the minds of most of her readers. I learned that lesson at Fark.)

But apparently V has become bent out of shape because she can't say "nigger".

Jesus H. Christ on a crutch.

I don't say the "N-word", neither in public nor "behind closed doors", not because it's "politically incorrect" but because it fucking offends black people. Who are people. Who deserve to be treated with respect.

(And no, I won't link; I don't want to add a tick to her already bloated status. She's famous. Google it yourself.)

V is afraid to ask an Important Question:
All Muslims are terrorists. Jews are stingy with their money. Chinese women all know how to put on acrylic fingernails. Christians are bigots. Hispanics know everything there is to know about drywall. If you’re a geeky teenage boy and you read a book about vampires, you’ll shoot up your school.

Is any of this shit true? I’d ask, but I don’t want to offend.
Let me apply my sophisticated philosophical acumen, my years of study of psychology, sociology and history, and see what I can come up with... thinking... thinking...

Of course none of this shit is true! Duh!

Only a complete idiot needs to ask, even rhetorically.

There are maybe a few dozen people safely ensconced in the humanities departments of third rate state colleges who give the tiniest shit whether you call black people "black" or "African-American"--so long as you treat black people with respect. And no, closing the door before you whisper "nigger" does not count as showing respect.

The words don't have magic powers. The problem is stupid dumbfucks who can't tell the difference between grossly offensive insults and abstruse academic squabbles over terminology.

Dear God in Heaven, why is this miserable excuse for a human being actually famous? Even Ann fucking Coulter had to work harder and has 20 more IQ points.


  1. Take a deep breath, Larry. Okay, take another. And another.

    It's people like that Violent Acres that give fucktarded conservatives and fucktarded professors like at my grad school their ammunition.

  2. Breathing deeply... I'm feeling much better. Thanks.

    It just annoys me how anyone who has successfully completed the sixth grade can fail to understand that unless you have utter contempt for 99.99% of black people (cough Strom Thurmond cough), it's stupid, hurtful and wrong to use a word that offends 99.99% of black people.

    And this principle has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any academic argument, however widespread, about whether to use "black" vs. "African-American".

    This is not rocket science.

    I supposed I really shouldn't be surprised. V makes it clear that she has utter contempt for anyone who disagrees with her in any way, she has utter contempt (as sycophants) for anyone who completely agrees with her, and she really has no concern whatsoever for the suffering of anyone outside her circle of immediate friends (and possibly not even within that circle).

    I suppose every one of her tens of thousands of readers thinks to himself, "Heh, look how she's insulting every one of her readers except me!"

    Perhaps it's a plus that even V herself, anonymous and with a readership too stupid to even understand Michelle Malkin, cannot come right out and say, "I just don't give a fuck if I offend every black person in the world;" even she has to clothe her utter indifference to the rest of humanity in the dog-whistle of "political incorrectness".

  3. Raising the bugaboo of political correctness is simply a license to be an ass. There are people who take "PC" to ridiculous lengths, and those people should be mocked and scorned. But it's like the Jyllands-Posten cartoon controversy last year (which has raised its head again in France): J-P shouldn't have to apologize for publishing depictions of "the prophet" -- "Fuck your taboos" describes that reasonably well -- but for wanting to offend people. You don't apologize for inadvertently insulting people; you apologize for doing so deliberately. Why? Because you shouldn't be a dick to people unless they specifically demonstrate to you that they deserve it -- like this V lady has.

  4. Raising the bugaboo of political correctness is simply a license to be an ass.

    No argument there!

    There are people who take "PC" to ridiculous lengths, and those people should be mocked and scorned.

    Perhaps. But, I live in California and I read a ton of liberal blogs, and I've never actually met or read anyone who takes PC to ridiculous lengths. And I suspect that if I ever did meet such a person, I would find many characteristics ahead of PC which deserved my mockery.

    You don't apologize for inadvertently insulting people; you apologize for doing so deliberately.

    I don't think you have this quite right.

    "A gentleman never gives offense unintentionally."

    I will apologize if I give offense unintentionally. I will apologize if I give offense intentionally only if my action was not justified.

    I don't think J-P deserves to apologize for wanting to give offense. First, he's not making fun of an ineluctable characteristic, such as the color of a person's skin or their sexual identity.

    He is intentionally giving offense only to the extent that a person would take offense by having his ridiculous superstitions deservedly mocked.


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