Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where is Sullivan's God?

One thing that just struck me (blinded until now, I'm sure, by Sullivan's rhetorical prowess), is just this: Where is Sullivan's God?

Sullivan has prattled on ad nauseam about his spirituality, but spirituality is just another word you can find in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. Sullivan hasn't said anything that I haven't heard from every garden variety New-Age woo woo with a thousand-dollar collection of healing crystals.

Where is God? What can Sullivan get from God that any thinking, feeling atheist cannot get? Where is a single proposition that cannot be established without God? Not mealy-mouthed vacuity that God is love, not philosophical doubletalk like God is the ground of all being, not crypto-atheism (Sullivan needs to read all of Hume) that God is a mystery.

Sullivan might be able to fool some of his readers, he might even be able to fool himself (this is, after all, a man who was fooled by George W. Bush), but he's not fooling me.

Where is your God, Sullivan?

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