Sunday, May 06, 2007


It looks like I might not be able to say I told you so with quite so much vehemence.

According to TPM Horse's Mouth:
The Washington Post has now added a correction to its widely-discussed story saying Congressional Dems had "backed off" by telling the White House that they would drop withdrawal timetables from their Iraq war-funding bill. ...

[T]he premise and headline of WaPo's front-page story were essentially false. While it does seem likely that the withdrawal timetables will be gone from whatever final compromise emerges, this concession to the White House simply never happened.

Sigh. This is what I get for trusting the commercial media on even basic facts. It's nice, I suppose, to see the Democrats still have a little more cartilage than I thought.


  1. This has to be included...this idiot w/ the peanut butter jar, debunking evolution:

    deadissue - bBlog...

  2. This is good stuff. I think I'll do a special on this sort of thing.

    We have bananas and peanut butter as "atheist nightmares". They go so great together!


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