Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sometimes I wonder

... if it's all worthwhile, writing this blog and ranting about atheism, religion, philosophy, science, etc.

And then something comes along that makes it all worthwhile. I chanced upon Anonymous Coward's post, written about about a year ago, where he says,
It's only recently that I finally came to terms with the fact I didn't really believe in my religion--or any other--at all.

That may seem like an odd phrasing, but that's the way I mean it. I don't mean that I stopped believing. I mean that I finally consciously realized that I hadn't really believed it in the first place. I'd been fooling myself, trying to convince myself that I believed, but deep down I didn't. ...

Why now? ... Maybe because I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, and I've been seeing not only how reasonable many atheists are, but how very unreasonable the religious too often are in their arguments. [emphasis added]

Of course, it wasn't me he was reading; this blog didn't exist a year ago. But it was probably people much like me, some individuals just writing their personal thoughts and their best arguments. Who knows, perhaps someday my blog will help tip some tormented soul to rationality. I can't save everyone, but it does matter to the ones I can save.


  1. BB muses: "Who knows, perhaps someday my blog will help tip some tormented soul to rationality. I can't save everyone, but it does matter to the ones I can save."

    Is this Mediocre Messiah Complex the result of delusions of just-okayness?

    Keep up the good work. 8^)

  2. The Mediocre Messiah Complex! teh funnay!


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