Sunday, May 06, 2007

A “small” group of 150-200 million

According to Reasons and Opinions:
Lest there is any doubt about this hypothesis, simply note that the denial of evolution is concentrated in a small group of American evangelicals. You do not see Christians around the world disdaining science in such a manner.

It's disingenuous and misleading to count Christians "around the world" in the same breath as an assertion about the relative size of American Christians who deny evolution. It's implausible to characterize more than half of the population of the third largest country in the world as a "small" group in any sense of the word "small". Furthermore, there many Muslims deny evolution, giving lie to the author's assertion about concentration.

In America:

CBS 11/04:
55% Creationist
27% "Guided" evolution
13% Scientific evolution

CBS 10/05:
51% Creationist
30% "Guided" evolution
15% Scientific evolution

Harris 7/05:
64% Creationist
10% "Guided" evolution (inferred)
12% Scientific evolution (inferred)

(h/t to INSTAPUTZ)

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