Thursday, February 14, 2008

My blogrolls

Fuck you very much, Technorati, for completely ignoring blogrolls in your rankings.

Here's my blogroll:

Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus: A Poetic Justice Affable Atheist Anatolian Storms And, yes, I DO take it personally Andre's Verse APJ Newsletter Army of Dude BabyWhisperingLoudly Ben Heine - Cartoons BFD Blog! Big Tent Democrat @ Talkleft Blazing Indiscretions Blind In Texas Blue Girl, Red State Blue Musings Coffee House Studio Cut to the Chase Daily Scare Decline and Fall Docudharma Dr. X's Free Associations Dystopian USA Echoing Voices Against War Edgeing exmearden Fire on the Mountain GDAEman Gold Star Mom Speaks Out Green Left Infoasis Happening Here Intrepid Liberal Journal Invictus: A blog on U.S. Politics and the Fight Against Torture Iraq Newsladder Iraq Today Iraq Update Kmareka Left End of the Dial Left Wing Nut Job Left-Handed Elephant Lost Chord Lotus - Surviving a Dark Time Making The World Safe For Hypocrisy March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm Meteor Blades @ Daily Kos Michael Leon: MAL Contends Michigan Class Notes Middle Earth Journal My Buffalo River Home My Thinking Spot No Rest for the Awake - Minagahet Chamorro OCD Gen X Liberal Photomontage Pissed On Politics Poetryman Productions Poets for Peace Radamisto Real's World Rubicon San Francisco Impeach Now! SanchoPress Screaming In An Empty Room Sinister Sirens Chronicles SocraticGadfly The Anti-War Theatre The Art of Peace The Consumer Trap The Existentialist Cowboy The Liberal Doomsayer The Liberal Journal The Mandarin The Motley Patriot The New Fatigue Press The Newshoggers The ORIGIN Playhouse The Osterley Times The Paragraph The Peace Tree Truthiness - News From The Gut Uppity Wisconsin Varied Video VidiotSpeak Watching Those We Chose Welcome to the Revolution Whispers from the Wild Worldwide Sawdust Wounded Times WWJV4 ~ Who Would Jesus Vote For?

Atheist Blogroll: 1 2 3 Religious Comics 2000 Years of Deception A bordo del "Otto Neurath" A Daily Dose of Doubt A Division by Zer0 A Goat Called Nebulous A Godless Nation A Human Mind A Load of Bright A Veritable Plethora A Whore in the Temple of Reason A-Deistic AA Aardvarchaeology AASAUF About: Agnosticism / Atheism Aces Full of Links Action Skeptics After Faith Agnostic Atheism Agnostic Universe Blog aidan maconachy blog Ain't Christian Al-Kafir Akbar! Alexander the Atheist Altoona Atheist Am I mad, or is the world? Amused Muse An Apostate's Chapel An Atheist Homeschooler An Atheistic View of the World An Enlightened Observer Anal Iced Bible And That's How You Live With A Curse Anders Rasmussen Blog Angels Depart Angry Astronomer Answers in Genesis BUSTED! Arcis Logos Ateistbloggen Atheism and Coffee Atheism Online Atheism Sucks - sucks Atheism through rationalism and science atheism | Atheism: Proving The Negative Atheist Armaments Atheist Blogs Aggregated Atheist Ethicist Atheist Ethics Atheist Girl ATHEIST HAVEN Atheist Housewife Atheist Hussy Atheist Media Blog Atheist Momma Atheist Movies Atheist Peace Atheist Revolution Atheist Tuesday Atheista Atheisthought Atheistkiwi's Weblog Atheists Rule! AtheisTube atheoi.ORG Atheology Austin Atheist Anonymous Australian Atheist Author of Confusion Axis of Jared Aye! Ayrshire Blog Babble, bullshit, blasphemy and being. Bay of Fundie Beaman's World Being Human Ben's Place Berto: Philosophy Monkey Bert's Blog Beyond Belief BHA Science Group Bible Study for Atheists biblioblography bits of starstuff Bjorn & Jeannette's Blog Black Sun Journal Bligbi Blog of the Big E Blogue de Mathieu Demers blurp Bob Kowalski bore me to tears Born Again Atheist brainstorms Breaking Spells Buridan's Ass By The Book Comics cabhara's zeitgeist Can't make a difference CaroLINES CHADMAC Speaks Choosing Atheism CHRISTIAN PWNAGE 101 Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Circular Reasoning Cogita Tute - Think For Yourself Coming Out Godless Confessions of an Anonymous Coward Cosmic Variance Crazy Christian Chain Emails Culture for all Culture War Foot Soldier Daily Atheist DAILY BBG Dark Christianity Dark Matter, USA Dark Side of Mars darwinian remiix Darwin's Dagger Daylight Atheism Debunking Christianity Deep Thoughts Deeply Blasphemous Desperately Seeking Ethics and Reason Deutschland Uber Elvis DEVOUT Atheist Godless Grief Diary of a Teenage Atheist Did a guy named Phil start Philosophy? Die Eigenheit Dikkii's Diatribe Dime a dozen Disaffected and it Feels So Good discernible chaos Discussions in Existence Disgusted Beyond Belief Dispatches from the Culture Wars do not read this blog Dorset Humanists blog DOUBTING FAITH? Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge Dragged From the Bottom Drunken Tune Dubito Ergo Sum Duplicitous Primates Dwindling In Unbelief Easy to be Entreated Ecstathy Edward T. Babinski Elaine Vigneault Elliptica EnoNomi EonBlue evanescent Everyday Atheism Everyday Humanist Everything Is Pointless Evolution Evolutionary Middleman EvolutionBlog Evolved and Rational exapologist ExChristian.Net Excursions into the mundane and the revealing... Exercise in Futility Expletive Deleted Explicit Atheist f think faith in honest doubt Fear No Atheist Feersum Endjinn Fish Wars on Cars Five Public Opinions Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars Flex Your Head Flumadiddle Free Infidel Free Mind Joe FreeThought by a FreeThinker Freethought Weekly FreThink Friendly Atheist Genesis-fel Geoff Arnold GlobeLinkCircadian God Be Gone - Atheist News God is for Suckers! Godless in America Godless on the Wasatch Front goldbricker Goosing the Antithesis Gospel of Reason Gratuitous Common Sense Greg Hartnett Greg Laden's Blog Greta Christina's Blog Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes Hayleys Paranormal Blog Heathen.TV Hellbound Alleee hell's handmaiden Homo economicus' Weblog Honjii's Harangues Human Psyche of J.D. Crow Humans: The Other White Meat I Am An Atheist I Never Shut Up I traded my soul for happiness Ian's Brain Ice Station Tango In Defence Of Reason In the grip of hysteria Incessant Expressions INFIDELIS MAXIMUS Infinite monkeys, infinite keyboards Infophilia Inkblot Icon Interested Interesting Irked off it's about time izzworld dot net Jewish Atheist Joe's Big Blog Judith's thought-provoking hard-hitting journal Juke of Flow Just a whisper in the wind Just Another Atheist Jyunri Kankei K H A L A S ! Kill The Afterlife King Aardvark Le Contestataire le tiers monde leaping rabbit/lapin sauteur Leicester Secularist Let There Be Light Letters from a broad Liars, Lunatics and What's Left Liberal Debutante Life & Otherwise Life According to Mike White Life before death Life is an adventure Life Without Faith Life, the Universe and Everything Lifecruiser Living with Missy and other thoughts LOL god Look at the Bright's Side louis' blog Love the Nimbu Lubab No More lynn's daughter, thinking Masala Skeptic Matt's Notepad Mechanical Crowds Meet An Atheist Memoirs of a (G)a(y)theist Memoirs of an ex-Christian Mere Skepticism Midwest Atheist Migrations Mike's Weekly Skeptic Rant mindcore MINISTER OF RANTS Mirth, Musings, & More Misc. Musing mister jebs blog Modern Agnostic Modern Atheist Much ado about nothing My Case Against God My Elemental Muse My Goddless Drama My Life Thinly Disguised as Groove My Single Mom Life Nanovirus Naturalistic Atheism Neural Gourmet New Humanist Blog Nicest Girl and Destroyer of Planets Nick Harding No Double Standards No Gods Allowed No More Hornets No more Mr. Nice Guy! NO SCIENCE ALLOWED Non Credo Deus Non-Prophet North Alabama Rant Nothing Is Sacred Nullifidian Nut Watch Obscene Desserts olio Oliver Benen On Fire For Reason on the street and in my head One Fewer God onegoodmove Onion Breath Onwards and Forwards Open Parachute Order of St. Nick Our Freedom of Espresso Outchurched Oz Atheist's Weblog parenthetical remarks Personal Evolution Pharyngula Philosophers' Playground physicshead Pink Prozac Pinoy Atheist Planet Atheism Planet Humanism Plonka's Blog Podblack Blog Polypyloctomy Pooflingers Anonymous Post Thought Primordial Blog Principles of Parsimony Prose Justice Protium the Heathen Psychodiva's Mutterings QuarkScrew Quintessential Rambling quird Radical Atheist Ramblings Ramblings of an Atheist Undergrad Random Intelligence Rank Atheism Rational Expression Rational Mom Re-imagine Ritual Reasonable Doubts Recalcitrance Reeding and Writing Religion is Bullshit ! REV. ART'S ATHEIST PIN-UPS! Rev. BigDumbChimp Reverend Mark J. Seydel Richard Carrier Blogs Rideo ergo sum Robert's Thought's Ron's Rants Rupture the Rapture Russell's Teapot RWANDAN ATHEIST Saint Gasoline Salad Is Slaughter Salient Sans God Scary Reasoner Science: The Gap Filler Scripture For Skeptics SDARI Sean the Blogonaut Secular Humanism with a human face See For Yourself Shared Difference Silly Humans Situation normal Skeptic Rant Skeptical Personal Development Skeptico Skepticum Skeptic's Play So long, and thanks for all the guilt! Societal (R)evolution Son Shines Zee 365 Southern Atheist Spanish Inquisitor Splendid Elles Spoliarium stacy, interrupted Stardust Musings and Thoughts for the Freethinker Stargazer Staring At Empty Pages State of Protest Steven Carr's Blog Strange Land Strappado Stupid Evil Bastard Suddenly South Summer Squirrel Tabula rasa tales of an ordinary girl Talk Reason Talking to Theists Tangled Up In Blue Guy Tarpan's Blog Televangelists with Toupees Terahertz - From Physics to Life Terminal Atheist Thank God I'm An Atheist The Affable Atheist The Allen Zone The Angry Atheist The Anonymous Atheist The Apostate The Ateist Endeavor The Atheist Blog the atheist chronicles The Atheist Effect The Atheist Experience The Atheist Handbook The Atheist Jew The Atheist Mama The Atheist Resistance The Atheist Response The Atheocracy The Atheologist The Bach The Barefoot Bum The Blasphemous The Blog of M'Gath The Cat Ranch The Choice is Now The Chronicles of Gorthos The Conscious Earth The Daily Cat Chase The Eloquent Atheist The Eternal Gaijin The Eupraxsopher The Evolution Will Not Be Evangelized The Flying Bagpiper The Flying Trilobite The Frame Problem The Freethought Cafe The Fundy Post The Gay Black Jew The Gaytheist Agenda The God Complex the God-jeering ATHEIST The Godless Grief The Good Atheist The Great Realization The Greenbelt The Happy New Atheist The Happy, Religion Free Family The Homeless Atheist The Honest Doubter The Humanist Life The Humanist Observer The Huntress' Domain The Inanity that is Life The Incomer The Information Paradox The Inoculated Mind The Iron Chariot The Jesus Myth The Jewish Atheist The Labour Humanist The Libertarian Defender The Lippard Blog the LITTLE things The Mary Blog the meme pool The Mighty Thor The Mutt's Nuts The Nate and Di Show The Natural Skeptic The New Atheist The New Horizon The O Project The One With Aldacron The Pagan Prattle Online The Panda's Thumb The Passionate Skeptic The People's Republic Of Newport The Perplexed Observer the post-bicameral mind The Primate Diaries The Proud Atheist The Psycho Atheist The Questionable Authority The Rad Guy Blog The Rambling Idiot The Raving Atheist the religious atheist The Renegade Writings the right of reason The Right Wing Professor's Blog the Science Ethicist The Science Pundit The Second Mouses Guide to Life The Second Oldest Question The Secular Outpost The Secular-Man Blog (An Oasis of Clear Thinking) The Serenity of Reason The Seven Solitudes The shadows of an open mind The Skeptic Review the skeptical alchemist The Smug Baldy Speaks The Strong Atheist The Stubborn Curmudgeon! The Thermal Vent The Thinkers' Podium The Uncredible Hallq The Underground Unbeliever The Uninformed Suburban Housewife The Uninspired Manifesto The Untraditionalist The View from Here The Water is Poison The Word and The Golden Monkey The Zen Of G These Twisted Times They Promised Us Jetpacks and We Got Blogs Thought Theater Tidbits for Atheists Tolerance and Peace toomanytribbles Toxic thought waste site Trifling Ideas Trinity's Christian Dairy UberKuh Ungodly Cynic Unorthodox Atheism Unscrewing The Inscrutable Uri Kalish - Urikalization Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Velocity Inversion Vetenskap & F�rnuft View From Earth Villa Nandes Wanderin' Weeta WASP Way of the Mind We have a voice Why Believe? Why Dont You Blog? Wild-Eyed Atheist Boy Wishwords Without Gods WORKS WITHOUT FAITH Yet Another Atheist Blog Yet Another Blog You Made Me Say It Young Earth Creationists Anonymous Zen Curmudgeon Zen of Zero zenbullets

Blogtopia (yes, skippy coined the phrase): A-Deistic A.Word.A.Day Aetiology alicublog AlterNet American Prospect Americana Anal Iced Bible Angry Atheist Anonymous Liberal Apostate August J. Pollak Badtux the Snarky Penguin Ben Buckman Blog from Hell Blue man in a Red district Bob Geiger Bob Harris Bodwyn Wook Bootstrapping Andrew Sullivan Bronze Blog Buridan's Ass Busy, Busy, Busy Butterflies and Wheels By Ken Levine Celtic Chimp Choice is Now, The Christopher Hayes Combat Philosopher Contrary Brin Crone Speaks Crooks and Liars Culture, Ideas and Comic Books Daily Howler Daily WTF Dark and Sinister Force for Good David Sirota de-conversion Deep Thoughts Democrats Now Disgusted Beyond Belief DownWithTyranny! Early Days of a Better Nation Echidne of the Snakes Evolved and Rational Ezra Klein Fables of the reconstruction Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Film Atheist Five Public Opinions Flight Level 390 Freakonomics Blog Freemania FreeThought by a FreeThinker Friendly Atheist Fundy Post Geeks And Technology Geoff Arnold Ghastly's Ghastly Journal Gideonse Bible God is for Suckers! goldbricker Greta Christina's Blog HogBlog Hot Dogs, Pretzels, and Perplexing Questions Hullabaloo Ideas Indigent A-hole Informed Comment Inscription Instaputz James Randi Educational Foundation Joel on Software Jon Swift LAist Largest Minority Made By Monkeys Mike the Mad Biologist Nation NonSequitur occRadio Often Right, Rarely Correct Old New Thing Only In America (Himself) Open Reading Frame Opinions of Doron Zeilberger Orcinus Osterley Times Pandagon Pat Condell Pharyngula PhysioProf Planet Atheism Planet Humanism Plognark Political Crank PSoTD Ramblings (Ron Murphy) Richard Dawkins Rosabelle ROTUS Rude Pundit Saint Gasoline Scientia Natura Secular Coalition for America Secular Thoughts Shakespeare's Sister Skeptico skippy the bush kangaroo SlowpokeBlog Snapshots from an Ordinary Life Stephen Law Talking Philosophy Talking Points Memo Techdirt. Thalesian Fools Think Progress Thinker's Podium This Modern World Thoughts from a Sandwich Tiny Revolution TomDispatch + busblog TPM Online Truth, Justice & Peace Truthdig Unabashed Atheist virtual philosopher Welcome to Pottersville Wetmachine Whore in the Temple of Reason Wolcott's Blog You Made Me Say It ywut


  1. Thanks for the mention!! :D

  2. Thanks for adding me, Larry!

  3. Thanks for the link.


  4. Thanks for the link!

  5. Thanks for the link.

  6. Smoochies!

  7. Your Technorati account counts the links on those blogs on which there is a link to you, not those your blog has links to.

  8. Vierotchka: I understand. But Technorati counts only those links that appear in posts; they no longer count (some) sidebar links.

  9. Hey, great idea. Maybe small groups of atheists should agree to post the entire Atheist Blogroll.

    I'd suggest doing it alphabetically. All the A's do it in March. All the B's, etc. when we go round the alphabet in 2 years and 2 months, we can start again.

    I think I'll post this idea on my own blog, too.

  10. The tactic is of only limited utility; the folks at Technorati are not idiots, and they'll soon simply block posts with hundreds (or even dozens) of links.

    I'm actually not all that interested in reforming Technorati or other blog ranking systems. It's a suckers game anyway, and no matter what we do, Michelle Malkin and ICanHasCheezburger will always top the list.

    Until the whole mainstream media is reformed, the only thing that will happen to blogging as a medium is that the most popular blogs will enter the mainstream and be just as corrupted by money as are the newspapers and TV and radio networks.

  11. The Atheist Blogroll is implemented in Javascript. Most bots ignore anything that's hidden behind Javascript.

    I suspect from my own experience that Technorati gives less weight to very long lists of links, so this may not help much either, but it's a better try.

  12. Excellent idea. Why dont you did this a few months ago and it seemed to work. Will follow you and try it again, maybe a few dozen at a time. Technorati is becoming useless.


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