Friday, February 15, 2008

Today's reading

Jon Swift worries (hopes?) that Obama supporters will be disappointed when it turns out that Obama does not actually have supernatural powers. Sara, however, is not worried: Obama's campaign lacks most of the markers of actual cultism. [Obama supporters are just excited at having someone other than a stiff as the Democratic nominee. Besides, as Jon Swift reminds us, the election will be decided not by thoughtful, intelligent people who have carefully considered the issues, but by Scared High-strung Easily-manipulated Egocentric Pinheads. Ain't democracy wonderful?]

Sara further rebuts the Obama won't be Clintonized idiocy.

The Stupid Evil Bastard points us to the Atheist who sees an image of the Big Bang in a piece of toast. [mirror]

The magnificence of Plognark's commentary rises to that of his art when he complains The Stupid, It Burns (like the heat of a thousand suns).

I'm turning the Religious Idiots meme over to arthurvandelay.

In closing, PZ Myers highlights this video showing how we can further intelligent, thoughtful discourse with those unhappy with scientific knowledge.


  1. Thanks for all those awesome links.

  2. Ha! Thanks for the plug dude ^_^

    Just remember, without all this stupidity, we'd have a hell of a lot less to complain about.

  3. without all this stupidity, we'd have a hell of a lot less to complain about.

    I could live with that.


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