Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Progressive Blogroll

In honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day, and to put my own time and effort into the cause of building a community of progressive bloggers, I'm starting The Progressive Blogroll.

[Update: This was not a particularly successful idea, mostly because I didn't follow up on it. I don't have time to promote and maintain it. If anyone wants to take it over, email me.]

To get on the progressive blogroll, you must actually display the blogroll. Put one of these links in your sidebar:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>




Second, you have to support "progressive" politics, rather loosely defined: You should support the civil rights (especially privacy rights) of individuals, economic populism, separation of church and state, and anti-imperialism. You don't have to be a communist, atheist or Quaker pacifist, but if you think the government should have unlimited, unsupervised wiretapping powers, if you're on the board of Wal-Mart, if don't see any problem with Rupert Murdoch owning our entire media infrastructure, or if you think the war in Iraq is just peachy and you're hoping Iran is next, you're probably not a good fit.

Third, you should actually write about progressive politics from time to time: serious investigative journalism, registering your outrage at egregious bullshit, philosophical and political theoretics, or even just links to other progressive posts you've enjoyed.

To get on the blogroll, email me at Put "Progressive Blogroll" in the subject line and put the name and URL of your blog in the body.

1 comment:

  1. Larry,

    From a european perspective the U.S. has been going to hell in a hand-basket sinse 9/11. With unbelievable anti-rights legislation like that giant pile of steaming horse shit that was the patriot act, the states have been turning more and more into a big brother, secret police type state. It is encouraging to those of us outside the states to see that there is a movement of sane and rational people fighting this sort of crap. I think I would not have enough patience to be a U.S. citizen. I would probably die from an embolism when a bubble of rage travels through my bloodstream to my brain. All this fucking shit about patriotism....ah fuck it, I can feel the rage bubbles starting to move already.


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