Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Today's reading

The Rude Pundit thinks Hillary Clinton is too vulnerable to right-wing propaganda. I think he's mistaken; as Orcinus reports, Obama is just as vulnerable. (David Brin makes the same mistake.)

James has a funny picture.

Himself reports on Christian "Zionism" (supporting Israel for its part it will play in the Christian Armageddon) and raises suspicions about four internet cable outages in the Middle East: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, thrice is conspiracy.

Kelly takes Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to task.

Chuck gives us our Tuesday dose of weirdness including Female Muslim doctors who refuse to wash their hands past their wrists.

PZ justifies calling ignorant liars "ignorant"; respect for your opponent is an effective debating tactic only if your opponent is arguing in good faith, which Christians in general rarely do, and cretinists never do.

God Man and Human Man See the next thrilling episode of God Man and Human Man at Tom the Dancing Bug.

The latest Carnival of the Godless is up. Your humble blogger is, sadly, not represented.

Read DagoodS on why God wants exactly what you want.

Uncle Ghastly is the source for today's motto on the header.

The Political Crank denounces our drug-like addiction to easy credit. The rich are tied at the ankle to the middle class, who are tied to the working class, who are tied to the welfare class. Throw one of them over the side of the boat, and the rest will soon follow.

The Sacred Slut mourns her friend; atheist and philosophical blogger Infidelus Maximus has died.

If you're frustrated at work Micah Cowan has the video for you.

PhysioProf has kind words to say about Atrios, if by "kind words" you mean stopping short of calling Atrios a self-important scrotum-licking slacker. Oh wait, he doesn't stop short. (Personally, I found both Atrios and Kos completely unreadable long before they turned out to be assholes.)

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