Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fucktarded commenter

Commenter Makarios says the most fucktarded thing I've heard today: "[T]hose who can willingly submit to authority, even if the authority is doing stupid things, are those who have inner freedom."

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Update: I suppose Makarios does have a point: those who submit absolutely to authority are free of moral responsibility. "Don't blame me for throwing acid in a woman's face, it's God who demands it: what, you want I should go to hell? No thanks! Don't blame me for flying airplanes into buildings, or murdering physicians, or blowing up buildings, or slaughtering hundreds of thousands or millions of people, or protecting pedophile priests, or keeping millions in poverty, or contributing to the spread of AIDS, or murdering homosexuals. I vas chust followink orders.


  1. Yeah. You have clearly nailed the sick psychopathology of this particular species of scumbag. This country is riddled with these depraved shitbags.

  2. If you're interested in my somewhat amusing conversations with Makarios (he smells like the same one and uses the same (awful) reply formatting) then it begins here, continues here, and concludes here (although Makarios has since removed his previous blog posts because he's a thin-skinned Gobshite For Jebus).

  3. Where Makarios is wrong is that he does not distinguish between human authority and Divine authority, which is strange given he's a Christian. If he's saying inner freedom comes from submitting to another ego, he is totally wrong. And it appears he is saying this judging by his allowance of the possibility that the authority behaves stupidly, which only makes sense if you're talking about a fallible human.

  4. Since there is no actual god, all authority is human. "Divine" authority is just code for, "Don't question my (human) authority."

  5. The Robot Girl6/21/09, 4:39 AM

    Inner peace cos there's someone else doing all the thinking for him- Er yes, his name's Big Brother, or, just change the mindset a bit- and u can simply call him God.
    Now my inner peace comes from understanding me place in the universe- the basis for this is science- not faith, fear, wishful thinking or wanting a father figure (either god or BB) lull me to sleep at night.


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