Thursday, June 11, 2009

Woo-woo fucktardery

OK, it's not anti-atheist bigotry, but it's so completely fucking idiotic that I just can't help adding it. Fucktard Satya Harvey objects to the plan to crash the Kaguya orbiter into the moon, saying,
Purposefully crashing something into the moon just to watch what happens is akin to a schoolboy cutting up a live frog to see what makes it jump. It is an example of the domination of the left-brained rational scientific approach over the intuitive.

Did these scientists talk to the moon? Tell her what they were doing? Ask her permission? Show her respect?
Seriously, Ms. Harvey, you are a complete fucking moron. How completely fucking stupid do you have to be before you can't get paid to write?

And if you actually believe this idiot, you're not even getting paid to be a fucktard.

[h/t to weird things]


  1. The Robot Girl6/11/09, 7:44 AM

    Like destroying the moon and stuff, this is like what they done in the movie, "Time Machine," like the moon exploded and stuff into like bits of splinter. And HG Wells wrote the book. The hero is Alexander, a scientist, he built the time machine and went forward and saw all the bad effects and stuff of what they did when they blew up the moon. Why did he do that? Cos one girl he loved was killed by a bandit in the park, he was trying to bring his love back, like that.

  2. The Robot Girl6/11/09, 7:48 AM

    I was taught in me school that Allah broke the moon into two parts with a sword.
    ButI never believed it, i just pretended to believe it and stuff.
    Now another, when i was about 12, i was in the camp with me telescope, this confirmed me idea it was impossible.

  3. Ummmmm . . . so the creators of the LHC are like little boys pulling the wings off of bugs?

  4. "Purposefully crashing something into the moon just to watch what happens is akin to a schoolboy cutting up a live frog to see what makes it jump."

    First, it seems she may have been traumatized by the dissection of a dead frog in high school biology. And second, when the animal spirits failed to gush forth from those exposed amphibian nerves the schoolboy learned something!

    Perhaps Ms. Harvey is concerned about the acres of organic, green cheese that will undoubtedly be contaminated, thereby throwing her careful astrological calculations into disarray?

  5. I think you would make your point better if you didn't use the f-word to replace real critique.

    Come on, don't reinforce the stereotype that atheists are angry.

  6. I might not have made *your* point, but I made *my* point perfectly. I'm not a stereotype; I speak only for myself. If I'm angry, then I'm angry.

    Write your own fucking blog, not mine. If I want your opinion, I'll tell you what it is.



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