Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Tao of Skepticism

Saint Gasoline proposes The Tao of Skepticism:
I propose that skeptics should borrow the tactics of the believers, performing a sort of mental judo throw and using the weight of the believers against themselves. After all, for every yin, there is a yang; for every summer, there is a winter; and for every nut, there is a nutcracker. Sometimes what is dark leads us to light, and sometimes what is wrong can be right, and sometimes the long-winded and rambling can seem poetic. There is a time for killing and a time for healing, and a time for skepticism and a time for being credulous fucktards. As such, we must embrace what I call the Tao of Skepticism, realizing that we must reign in our passion for critical thinking and occasionally act like raging fucktards to win over the masses to our side.

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  1. An interesting idea. I sort of did that once to a Christian who was arguing with me via email - I don't recall where he got my name, maybe from some bulletin board - this was years ago.

    He was telling me all about the bible and how great it was and I was just annoyed and didn't want to waste my time talking to him since it was clear he would never question his beliefs, so intsead, I used his ridiculous "reasoning" against him. Instead of telling him the bible was wrong for any rational reasons, I told him it was wrong because Allah said so and so did the Koran. I basically said everything he said to me, only I substituted "Allah" for "Jesus" and "Koran" for "Bible" - it annoyed the living hell out of him, and was quite fun for me. He eventually gave up. He also clearly took me seriously - and was very upset. Strangely, I felt no guilt whatsoever for messing with him.


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