Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Constitution: Preamble


We the working people of the world have thrown off the chains of capitalist oppression and exploitation. We are grateful, to an extent, to the capitalist class for having built a mighty engine of material prosperity and productivity, but we are appalled at the price in blood, pain, poverty and misery, this effort has cost humanity. But these sins are now in the past, and it is our duty to look to the future.

We have inherited an industrial civilization, and the task now falls to us to transform it to a civilization of prosperity for not just a few but for all. We must transform our civilization to one where justice is more than the adherence to arbitrary rules, and instead the mutual benefit of all. Just as we have thrown off the chains of feudalism and phony "noblesse oblige", of chattel slavery, of vicious sectarian warfare, we must too finally throw off not just the explicit rule of the capitalist class, but also the relations of exploitation and oppression that after centuries of capitalist rule now permeate our society. We must throw of these relations not with hatred and with anger, but gently, and with love for humanity. But throw them off we must.

Only the working people of the world are fit to rule, but each and every person may join this class. There is much work to be done: to rebuild our roads and schools; to exercise fit stewardship of the Earth and all the living things on whom not just our prosperity but our very survival depend; to bring material prosperity to the remaining pockets of impoverished humanity; to treat and cure the ills of the body that still afflict us; and to rise from the cradle of humanity and explore the vast and limitless universe that beckons to us.

To achieve these noble goals, prosperity, happiness, justice, security, and the fulfillment of the best that humanity can be, we the working people of this nation do ordain and establish this Constitution.

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