Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (totalitarian edition)

the stupid! it burns!New Atheists with totalitarian ambitions
Complete victory of New Atheism would be a calamity, and the nature of the question suggests the (a)theocratic false ambitions of the New Atheists, who have been hyped into thinking atheism some kind of scientific proof to it.

Assets/Christianity and Liabilities/Atheism
In Atheistic Society the liabilities/evil are the norm, with there being a rejection of elimination/execution by society. Atheistic societies are considered by Progressives/Liberals to be the pinnacle of being humane. The problem with Atheism is the evil/liabilities leads to disease, death, destruction and poverty that requires massive health care/welfare/entitlement programs to sustain Atheism. Since the Atheists have no assets, they must steal (redistribute wealth) from the Christians for the survival of the Atheists. Atheists reject God because they think they can do a better job of setting up a set of rules for society.

And a little Christmas cheer stupidity to round things out.

Atheists Celebrating Christmas: Worse Than Christians Believing Jesus Was Born on December 25th?
Richard Dawkins sings Christmas carols and celebrates Christmas itself, which he says is a religious festival people of religion- and no religion, can share. That's very kind-hearted of him, but why is Christmas an exception when other Christian holidays such as Good Friday are ignored by atheists? If you want to argue that Christmas was founded on paganism thus making it a faux-Christian holiday and acceptable to atheism, where is the logic in practicing paganism which is as illogical to them as believing in God? It's clear that receiving presents and singing simple melodies takes precedence over logic.


  1. Rawr! If Richard Dawkins were a serious athiest like I am, he'd know that having fun with your family near the winter solstice is illogical, and linked to religion, and thus completely unacceptable!

  2. Wow I think you have some serious issues going on here. I feel that many of the magical atheists which you appear to be a member of suffer in a similar manner. If you did your research you would find that Mr Dawkins states he is a cultural Christian. He has redefined Christmas for himself and his family. It is a time of year many people celebrate if living in a western democracy. It is better known as giftmas or festivus or consumermass. Or for some winter solstice. Humans like festivals and like to celebrate, we like rituals. Why do you think religion has been so successfully embedded into the human psyche. Do you have any understanding of society at all? Would your atheist society go out and kill all the poor children in religious countries and rape the women. You sound like a bit of a crazy loon not really a atheist more of a academically challenged nihilist

  3. Wow I think you have some serious issues going on here

    Thank you, Dr. Freud.

    Yes, I have some serious issues: I'm appalled by the idiocracy of which you appear to be a card-carrying member.


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