Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (twofer edition)

the stupid! it burns!

Poor Eden Ellis believes that giving up her comforting myths is unreasonable.
[Atheism entails that] I came from nothing and am going nowhere. What I do or do not accomplish in this life may or may not last and is of little use after my last breath. My value as a human being is determined by whatever merit others happen to ascribe to me at any given time. My current situation is likely to be the best I will ever have. Forgive me, Mr. Silverman, by I find little reason for celebrating any of these things. Rejoicing over the nothingness and uselessness of life seems profoundly unreasonable to me.
Then she trots out this chestnut...
Once again it is interesting that Christianity has specifically been targeted by an atheist group. One might wonder why The American Atheists have yet to publish a billboard during Ramadan promulgating Mohammed’s claims to be false. No doubt Islam’s creeds also deny them Paradise.

The Conservative Monster is (perhaps unsurprisingly) frothing at the mouth: Did Atheists Chop Down a 2,000 Year Old Sacred Christian Tree?
The psychological profile of the haters that committed this crime [chopping down some tree] is someone that despises religion and is at war with God. That would be an Atheist, because I have tangled with them numerous times and they are pure evil. Chopping down this 2,000 year old Christian symbol was an act of hate, eco-terrorism and terrorism.

Who else would commit a crime of hate like this other than someone that is at war with Religion and God? This is all part of the communist agenda to destroy religion and any symbols of religion.

There will never be global peace until such evil is wiped from the face of the earth, because they will not be happy until everything good is destroyed. They are doing Satan's work, plain and simple...


  1. It's an outrage that someone has chopped down this extremely sacred tree that I'd never heard of until I read this article!

  2. Once again the Xtians are practicing magic, which is strictly forbidden by the buyBull. Jepus is the ONLY way. Where does jepus talk about setting up some sort of magic tree????
    Well they stole Xmas from the pagans so why not tree magic from the druids.

  3. This is apparently someone who considers anyone who is not Christian to be an atheist.

  4. mmm, I'm for open discussion on any subject, & I wouldn't presume any group or person to be an idiot because of a label. You might think that a view that a person holds is irrational, but even that doesn't necessarily make them an idiot.

    Over the years, religious & non-religious people have been responsible for both great advances & great stupidity. Most of the bad stuff comes despite all this instead of because of it.

    Religious & non-religious people should be totally prepared to admit to the bad stuff that's been done in the name of religion & also trying to get rid of it.

    So I tend listen to what people have to say rather than labelling. Oh, and maybe this will label me, but I have no idea what some of the labels above on the 'Post a Comment' info even mean! It might be a US/UK thing...

    Me? It's probably a cliche but I don't consider myself religious, although I find that following what Jesus taught seems to bring benefit to other people.

    Totally unimportant to me whether this is published or not, I just think emotion is best kept out of things.

    All the best.


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