Friday, December 10, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (straw man edition)

the stupid! it burns! I Love Atheists! [sigh, link fixed]
But, then again, for a breed so bent on denying that religion has brought any good fruit into the world, [atheists] see no contradiction in eating it, so perhaps they go on holidays and call them vacations. ...

The university system and liberal arts education were invented by the Catholic Church – that great monolith of indoctrination – so I assume no atheist attends higher education on principle, in the same way the religious are reluctant to attend the atheist's educational counterpart – the Gulags.
Read on for more of the flimsiest of straw men and egregious stupidity.


  1. This is the way I understood it.

    Didn't the basis of higher level mathematics start with the Egyptians that then taught the Greeks, before the little baby jesus came about. And then the Greeks were the basis for most science, a lot of philosophy and other studies. Of course we had the whole burning of the Library of Alexandria (which may or may have not been religiously motivated) that wiped out countless amounts of human knowledge, that was actually preserved by Muslim scholars before they went fundamentalist around the end of the first millennium.

  2. Well said Keith, but you are using reason. They only speak gibberish and therefore they do not understand reason.

  3. Ron, who is Keith? I'm not using reason, I'm using ridicule. They understand that just fine. If you mean Marc (the author of the post I mock), then, well, you have bigger problems than I can fix.

  4. Larry,
    I was responding to the comment made by your first commenter, Keith. Since your comment section does not permit me to respond to a specific comment, I then specifically used his name in my comment so as not to confuse anyone. (I lost that one didn't I?)

    You could have used a "find" function (Ctrl/F) to search the entire page for the word Keith and found his comment. Then you might have realized that actually I was supporting him and you with my comment.

  5. Duh. Sorry. It's been a tough week.

  6. Oy. I tried to engage in a rational conversation with Marc; that was a mistake. Given my time constraints, I think I did a pretty good job of refuting his central assertions. However, he did the typical religious-but things by (a) ignoring my line of reasoning, (b) twisting my words to mean something other that what I said, and (c) talking about anything other than the actual assertions. My patience is at an end, but if anyone is interested in the back and forth and wants to point out his most recent errors and craziness, I'd be amused.

  7. I know how you feel, Ash. I tried the calm, reasonable route for many years. It just doesn't work. You can't reason a man out of something he didn't reason himself into. Now I just point and laugh.

  8. Every now and then I think it's worth it just for the sake of "correcting the record." Yeah, Marc is clearly batshit crazy, but not everyone reading his blog will be. If I can get one reader to even begin to see the illusory nature of religion, then my time will have been well spent.

  9. Consider me batshit crazy. I appreciate your concern for my...mind? Body? Not sure what it is you're concerned for, but I appreciate it either way. :) (I haven't read this blog long enough to determine your beliefs about my soul.)

    I found Larry's comment above to be particularly poignant:

    "You can't reason a man out of something he didn't reason himself into."

    Yes, faith is a gift. Saul was not trying to reason his way into faith when he got knocked off his feet by the blinding light and spoken to by Jesus.

    Like him, I haven't tried particularly hard to reason myself out of it because my life is so much better WITH Christ. It is miraculous, as far as I'm concerned. I am ALIVE, filled with JOY and GRATITUDE for this precious life with Him.

    My interior and exterior life, prior to receiving this infinitely precious gift, gleamed with all the shine of fresh dog shit. Why on earth would I want to return to it?

    I am laughing too! It's glorious!

    Merry Christmas. :)


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