Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Stupid! It Burns! (noxious ideology edition)

the stupid! it burns! Don't be Fooled by (Liberal) Atheist Billboard Campaign
[T]he organized atheist community has a palpable leftism that parallels the religious edifices of modern liberalism. ...

Basically, by rejecting traditional religion and then blaming religion for all the world's ills, atheist have no choice but to be leftists. ...

Sure, we should laud atheism as an intellectual movement. Unfortunately though, leftists have co-opted this amorphous "movement" in order to promulgate their noxious ideology and undermine the religious foundations of conservatism.
Remember, kids: Reality has a liberal bias!


  1. I don't consider myself a leftist. If anything I think that the movement's leadership has leftists somewhat underrepresented among leaders relative to its membership base, something I am happy about.

    (I wouldn't be happy about a leadership significantly different than its membership, so a close approximation with one thumb on the scale towards my position is what I want from all political/sports/social/etc. groups.)

  2. OneSTDV said...
    If anyone is curious, look at the backlink:

    Note that he doesn't actually formulate a counter-argument to anything I say. He uses the Jon Stewart type smarmy tactic of merely stating, through sarcasm, "your argument is just so below me".

    So I provide links, evidence, and thoughtful arguments - he quotes? snarky and terse rejoinders? a funny picture?

    12/02/2010 1:10 PM

  3. So I provide links, evidence, and thoughtful arguments - he quotes? snarky and terse rejoinders? a funny picture?

    Yep. That's my schtick. Don't like it? Don't read it!

  4. Here's a counter-argument: you say that "atheism is often a position resulting from reason," but then bemoan the "palpable leftism" in the atheist community.

    I suspect if you asked many people, they'd argue that their leftist ideology is based in the same reason as their atheism. I know I try to be as reasonable in my political views as I am in my positions on metaphysics and epistemology. And many conservative positions on issues just don't cut the mustard when you try to make your politics evidence-based and reasonable.

    The quote of someone complaining about global warming is especially amusing. Global warming is supported by the consensus of practicing climatologists. The conservative, denier position is usually based on the idea that climate scientists (or liberals, I guess) are perpetrating a conspiracy. The 'conservative' position on this issue is unreasonable.

    And global warming isn't the only example. There are some leftist positions that are fairly unreasonable, but in my experience, atheists who care about reason (which is most of the ones I've personally encountered) are critical of those, as well. However, reason tends to side with liberal policies more than conservative ones (currently), and so you see 'leftism' within the atheist community.


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