Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Iran and Iraq

A reader alerts me to Taking the Bait: War With Iran Would Only Come If We Stay In Iraq and Taking the Bait II: "Level Headed" Left Bloggers Focus On Iran, Not Iraq.

Big Tent Democrat argues that we shouldn't take our eye of the Iraq ball when arguing against possible war with Iran. Although I think he's overstating the case that liberal bloggers are actually ignoring Iraq, the substance of his point has merit.

We do indeed have to stop the war in Iraq. It's been a bad idea since day one, a war of aggression justified by lies, and it's been pursued with mind-boggling incompetence. It would have been "winnable" only if we had pursued a Soviet-style iron-fisted occupation. Our focus should be on using what little leverage we have left to do what little good we can while getting our troops out as quickly as possible.

I don't want to give my readers the impression that we shouldn't worry about Iraq. We should worry about Iraq in addition to the possibility of war with Iran. We're not out yet, and Congress has been inexcusably slack about getting us out, especially given an unequivocal mandate by the voters to end the war.

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