Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The atheist conspiracy

Buridan's Ass on the vast atheistic conspiracy:
[R]eligious moderates, like Prothero, have been feeling a little under the gun lately with all the sectarian crapola infecting public life in our country and abroad. Ah yes, but instead of going to the source of the problem, which would require criticism of the role that religion generally plays in all of this, they/he would rather divert attention away from the core religious pathology, which implicates them, and blame atheists. If this isn’t the sort of tacit enabling of the Religious Right that Sam Harris talks about, then I don’t know what is.


  1. How can we both be engaged in a vast conspiracy to corrupt Good Christian Values because we Hate God, and yet also be encouraging the overthrow of Our Good Christian Nation by Islamofascist Brown People?

    I'm so confused. I mean, it's not like I'm not willing, since I hate America more than I like living and all, but it's getting hard to for me to reconcile the two. Like George Carlin, I have this real moron thing I do called thinking, and it's getting in the way...

  2. It's not easy being liberal!


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