Thursday, March 29, 2007

Postmodern Crap Cop

(Copyright 2007 Nearing Zero. Used with permission.)


  1. I'm not sure the artist got the smoker's French "backward pinch" position quite right. Or maybe the slight variation pictured is how one tells the difference between a dedication to Baudrillard vs. Lyotard?

  2. The artist is, of course, a scientist, not a postmodernist philosopher.

  3. I think the problem is identified in

    Opinion 11: Great Scientists, Lousy Philosophers
    By: Doron Zeilberger

    Making fun of other people's language is the lowest form of humor. Like Euler, Sokal did not prove anything, except that physical scientists and mathematicians are arrogant and look down on everybody else. They are also religious fanatics, for whatever religion they may have. Social science has probably lots of rubbish, but so does regular science, and in either case it is not the content that matters so much as the act of expressing oneself's.

  4. I have to admit—at least sometimes—to a very low sense of humor.

  5. I have to admit—at least sometimes—to a very low sense of humor.

    But you laugh at all my terrible jokes, my love.

  6. All right, honey, I often have a very low sense of humor.

  7. I'm offended by postmodernists claiming that science is a religion. Religion centers around belief in a supernatural power, not evidence and experiment, as in science. Belief is one thing, belief in a supernatural explanation is completely different. And just because you may not understand the science, you shouldn't make the claim that scientists are arrogant.


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