Sunday, March 18, 2007

The (Secret) Life of Brian

Robert Hewison (Author, "Monty Python: The Case Against"):
I think what really worried [Life of Brian critic Rev.] Roger Fulton was actually Britsh humor. Because while he could as a believing Christian make all these objections to the alleged blasphemy in the film, what really, I think, got up his nose was the fact that here were all these men dressed as women.
John Cleese:
You've got to remember that Christianity in America is mainly about sex. They're so deeply uncomfortable about every aspect of sex that they don't much care about wars, or destroying the environment, or financial corruption; but anything to do with sex sets them off. And it's because these people are operating at a very very low level of mental health; they are incapable of understanding the teachings [of Jesus].

(hat tip: I'm not worthy to Red State Son)

1 comment:

  1. I saw John Cleese speak at UC Davis a few years ago. He got all the Monty Python stuff out of the way in two minutes flat so he could spend 90 minutes talking about religion as crowd control.


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