Sunday, March 04, 2007

I feel safer already...

[Note: This post originally appeared at Often Right, Rarely Correct. - Ed.]

There is quite serious doubt, to the rational follower of U.S. foreign policy, in the Bush Administration's ability to distinguish political goals from national interest. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in it's nuclear non-proliferation policy, or lack thereof. The case of North Korea (or Democratic People's Republic of Korea) shows us that the Bush Administration's adherence to ideology gravely endangers our nation and its allies.

In 1994, North Korea pledged fidelity to a framework wherein it agreed to freeze its plutonium enrichment program. This framework persisted until 2002 and George W. Bush's infamous "Axis of Evil" speech. Shortly after that speech, President Bush accused North Korea of having a secret uranium enrichment program and pulled the United States out of the agreed framework. Thus freed, North Korea unfroze its plutonium enrichment program. Four years later, they tested a nuclear bomb made from plutonium.

Note very carefully how they did not and have not tested any bombs made with uranium.

It is now apparently clear that North Korea never had a uranium enrichment program to begin with. Not only that, but -- as the linked-to article makes clear -- U.S. intelligence agencies doubted the veracity of President Bush's claim at the time he made it. And so, now that North Korea has tested a nuclear weapon made from plutonium, the Bush Administration has softened its position and negotiated a deal nearly identical to the agreed framework of 1994.

By adhering to ideologically or politically appealing lines of thought, the Bush Administration actually endangers national security. By pursuing a strategy -- if one may be a bit liberal with the word -- that is emotionally and psychologically appealing, they have actually made the world a more dangerous place. The "party of national security" managed, in six years' time, to make the country less secure than it was during the Clinton Administration by this one policy towards this one nation.


  1. If by foreign policy you mean, (where have I heard that before?) If by foreign policy you mean, euphemistically of course, Driving your SUV through the daisy patch of some unfortunates garden in the poor part of town whilst tossing various live or timed controlled anti-personnel devices out of the window, done in manner so care free as to make the distribution of beads at Mardi Gras look like a planned exercise in bestowing alms to the poor, accompanied by repetitious drivel of words with less than three syllables and delivered with all the subtlety of a freshly discovered turd in a swimming pool, if it is of that kind of foreign policy that you speak, then no, for I have great trouble trying to rationalise the irrational.
    As only would the delusional try to rationalise that six years of Bush
    rule had made anyone safer, least of all Americans.

  2. The grammar in that content was truly jarring. But thank you. I think.

  3. You're welcome, I think.


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