Friday, June 29, 2007

Arthur Silber's blogroll

Arthur Silber has taken The Barefoot Bum off his blogroll. Apparently, criticizing a black person—even when Arthur actually agrees with the substance of my criticism—renders me no longer even "mostly sane".

I still support Arthur's blog, and I encourage, exhort and practically demand that all my readers read him regularly and support him financially. He's changed my views substantially on history, politics, ethical philosophy and humanism. His work is the number one reason I'm not voting Democratic and why my primary political self-identification is as an "anarcho-humanist" rather than a "liberal".

Although his was the link I was far and away the most proud of, I can live with his withdrawal of support for my blog. He and I, however, have exchanged some friendly emails, and I'll always regret the loss of whatever tenuous friendship I had with a man I admire, respect and like personally.

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