Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Top ten religious idiots #4

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  1. Miracle Crusade Bible Church Holiness members: After an earthquake hit this Memphis area church, members claim to be able to see the face of God in cell-phone camera pictures of light reflected from a chandelier.
    (WMC-5 Memphis; h/t to Fark.com; 19 Jun 07)

  2. George L. Wilson and Drew Heiss: These Christianist theocrats are planning a week-long Milwaukee event to honor convicted murderer Paul Hill. Apparently children need "heroes".
    (Paul Hill Memorial; h/t to Talk to Action via Hullabaloo; 18 Jun 07)

  3. Patani Freedom Fighters: Muslim separatists in south Thailand have targeted the most dire threat to Islam—education—and recently murdered three teachers, forcing the closure of 60 government schools. Since January 2004, Islamic militants have murdered 75 teachers and have burned down 194 schools. Seems about right for this great religion of "peace" and "truth".
    (Human Rights Watch; h/t to Butterflies and Wheels; 17 Jun 07)

  4. Southern Baptist Convention: This evangelical organization voted Wednesday to urge "caution" in responding to global warming, calling for "more objective analysis." In other news, the causal efficacy of lesbianism on natural disasters has been scientifically established.
    (Izvestia; h/t to Fark and mad props to commenter Brian63; 15 Jun 07)

  5. Cardinal Renato Martino and the Vatican's Pontifical Council for "Justice" and "Peace": This Catholic organization suspended all financial aid to Amnesty International and called on all Catholics to boycott the organization, because Amnesty International has decided to support abortion rights for women who have been raped or whose health is endangered. Apparently, only fetuses are eligible for justice and peace; women, political prisoners, the unjustly accused, etc. are on their own. Yeah, it's a huge surprise.
    (The Australian; h/t to Butterflies and Wheels; 14 Jun 07)

  6. Oak Norton and the Utah State Legislature: In 2002 the Utah State Legislature passed a law requiring all state buildings to display the national motto, and Oak Norton is working to make this blatant violation of the First Amendment presentation of an innocuous "non-religious" message a reality.
    (KUTV Salt Lake City; h/t to Fark; 12 Jun 07)

  7. Riverdale Christian Academy: This California central valley Christian school's Senior Prom and Graduation celebration featured white men and women in blackface (brownface?) performing skits depicting Civil-war era slavery. Racism trifecta now in play!
    (Urban Knowledge (blog); h/t to Fark; 8 Jun 07)

  8. Pilgrim Baptist Church: At a recent performance in this North Carolina church, Three white men wore blackface while pantomiming traditional black hymns. Participant Stephen York indignantly asserted in his own defense that some of his best friends are black.
    (WSOC Charlotte; h/t to News of the Weird Daily; 7 Jun 07)

  9. David Jarvis et al.: This soi disant "new age healer" and the other participants in a "Vision Quest" allowed Rowan Douglas Cooke to die of severe dehydration and heat exhaustion brought on by 20 minutes in a sweat lodge because they believed he was astral-traveling.
    (AdelaideNow; h/t to Fark; 5 Jun 07)

  10. Swords of Truth: This Palestinian extremist organization threatens to "cut throats from vein to vein". Their target? No, not the Israelis, not the "Great Satan"; rather the most pernicious and indefensible threat to their holy society: Female newscasters who do not wear strict Islamic dress. But these brave women are fighting back.
    (Guardian Unlimited; h/t to Butterflies and Wheels; 4 Jun 07)

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Total: Religion 40, Nontheism 1


  1. HERE Is a link to some Sufi lucubrations to add the rota of clamant idiocies. I think the main value of this sort of stuff is that it lets us perceive how we are really, take it or leave it:


    s/Beware Wook!

  2. Yeah, 32 to 1 sounds about right in my book. Great stuff; keep 'em comin.'

  3. And I had to stretch for the 1; it's pretty much a harmless prank.

  4. http://mediamatters.org/items/200706070007

    In the sermon, MacArthur said America had forsaken God and engendered the "wrath of abandonment" as a result... MacArthur further argued that as a result of America's abandonment, the destruction of a major U.S. city "could happen" and that "God would be just in any calamity he brought upon us."

    These people have just completely perverted morality. They would consider it moral if God slaughtered millions of people for this pathetic reason.


  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Impressive collection of "religious news of the weird." Actually, on second thought, there's a lot of it out there.

    Brian... Thank God for a just God... did they give any hints on the city? Not that I'm nervous or anything....

    Damn. I see the Barefoot Bum is playing God with the comments, gulp. Better watch myself here on my first visit :-)

  7. GDAEman: Welcome to the OOIBR, btw.

    Just FYI: "Malfeasancio" (a.k.a. Perezoso) is a persistent troll who is apparently very angry at me for disagreeing with him on a point of philosophy. Sadly, he is unable to articulate his own point of view in any coherent manner, even after having been offered a spot on the front page to air his view.

    If you don't positively work at pissing me off—and Perezoso has put in considerable effort to that effect—your comments are in very little danger of being moderated.

  8. Great list of bums and idiots.

  9. Bums?! Hey! I resemble that remark!


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