Sunday, June 03, 2007

Top ten religious idiots #3

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(Yes, I have eleven. I didn't want to split up goldbricker's pair.)

  1. Toney Guerrero: This 78-year-old Floresville, TX man with (no shit) failing eyesight has seen the the image of Jesus in—I kid you not—a lump of bird shit on his windshield.
    (KENS 5 Eyewitness News, San Antonio, TX; h/t to goldbricker; 03 Jun 07)

  2. Rev. Steve Jones: This 50-year-old West Virginia evangelist believes he can not only heal crooked and broken teeth, but actually turn amalgam fillings into gold.
    (Sarasota Herald-Tribune; h/t to goldbricker; 03 Jun 07)

  3. Sam Brownback: The Republican presidential candidate gives us a confused, self-contradictory essay on what he "thinks" about evolution, with a fine selection of cretinist tropes. (tristero examines this piece in considerable detail.)
    (Izvestia, h/t to Hullabaloo; 31 May 07)

  4. Rev. Dean Dombroski: This Catholic priest fired his organist and choir director because of her job selling sex toys marital aids.
    (The Denver Post; h/t to Fark; 31 May 07)

  5. Laura Mallory: Mallory lost for the fourth time in her attempt to ban Harry Potter books from the Georgia school system because they promote the "religion" of witchcraft. Naturally, she has not actually read the books in question, at least not in their entirety.
    (MyFox Atlanta [video w/ commercial]; h/t to The Zero Boss; 29 May 07)

  6. The Vatican: The Vatican has been doubling or trebling the rents and evicting tenants outright from low-income residential properties it owns so it can convert the property to hotels.
    Vatican buildings are not subject to any council tax, even if they lie outside the Holy See. In addition, businesses run by religious enterprises get a 50 per cent discount on corporation tax.
    Bonus! Nice racket you got going there, Ratzo!
    (; h/t to The Zero Boss; 29 May 07)

  7. The Government of Pakistan: A Pakistani court has jailed a couple after ruling that their "same-sex" marriage was against Islam. The husband, Shumail Raj, has had two operations to change his sex over the last 16 years. Presumably the court would have had no issue with the alternative: 24 year-old Shahzina Tariq being sold into slavery marriage to settle her uncle's gambling debts. If convicted of homosexuality, the couple face life in prison.
    (BBC News; h/t to Achelois; 28 May 07)

  8. Morality in Media: This Christian censorship organization is not content that suggestive adult content (e.g. HBO's "Rome" series) on airplanes be edited down to three seconds and shown only on private screens. As EarlG puts it: "Oh no! My son caught a three-second glimpse of a dramatized sex scene on a three inch LCD screen five feet away! This could damage him for life!!!!" Three seconds is practically forever: Janet Jackson's breast was exposed for 19/32 of a second (yes, they measured it to the 32nd of a second) and we are all still traumatized by the resulting rioting and looting.
    (Wait Till You See What Delta Airlines has in Store for Kids; h/t to The Top 10 Conservative Idiots; 28 May 07)

  9. Leslie Unruh: Unruh, president of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse [teh funnay!], appeared on Pravda to argue against a new birth control pill that suppresses menstruation: Her argument?
    "This is a real war on women and war on children. It's a gift to be able to have children and our fertility is precious to us, and we do not need big pharma, National Abortion Rights Action League, who have had a war on children and on babies to now come in with another drug and to play God. ...

    [It's an a]ttack on families and our children and women. I want more babies. More babies. We love babies.
    Newsflash, Ms. Unruh: The birth control pill was invented 50 years ago.
    (Pravda (via ThinkProgress); h/t to The Top 10 Conservative Idiots; 28 May 07)

  10. Alice Shannon: Shannon sent a letter to the editor of the Kenai Peninsula Clarion endorsing bigotry against atheists. The letter elicited a (gratifying) storm of outrage from as far away as Helsinki. The only problem: The letter was a hoax; Ms. Shannon is thus our first atheist idiot!
    (h/t to A Whore in the Temple of Reason; 24 May 07)

  11. Ezzat Atiya: This Egyptian university lecturer was suspended for suggesting that symbolic breastfeeding could justify Islamic men and women being alone together.
    (Reuters UK; h/t to News of the Weird Daily; 23 May 07)

This list: Religion 10, Nontheism 1
Previous List: Religion 10, Nontheism 0
Total: Religion 30, Nontheism 1


  1. Hey, what's a little symbolic teat suckling amongst friends, right? ^_^

  2. Must... resist... urge to comment!

  3. Have a look at the latest comment to "Islamism, Liberalism and Multiculturalism" in anticant's arena.

  4. I find myself strangely intrigued by the "National Abstinence Clearinghouse."

    Isn't a Clearinghouse something you employ to get rid of stuff you don't want, allowing others to have it fairly cheaply?

    "Hey, I got finally got rid of my tired old abstinence, and even made a little money on the side!"

  5. Mad John Derbyshire on Brownback:

    "That's a bit like saying: "Here's Paris Hilton talking about partial differential equations""

  6. OVO (Trevor Blake) does some witty debunking of religion, the Bible, a useless God that does NOT heal...!



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