Friday, May 15, 2009

The brighter side of the 2nd Amendment

General J.C. Christian, patriot, informs us: Confederate-Americans Defend Property, Shoot Peeing Kids.

Keep in mind that as a revolutionary communist, I do support the idea — at least in general — of the armed proletariat as the coercive apparatus of the proletarian state. But an armed proletariat requires a large degree of discipline and cooperation, not just handing out guns to everyone and failing to demand an iota of accountability.

None of my usual tags seem right for this story.


  1. You know that is so depressing, makes me lose interest in giving respect to everyone based on a common ground of think there were signs posted right near where there son was shot? know what? it doesn't's not okay to shoot children...or anyone...unless they're on your that I mean your one owns the earth Florida...the whole society just started trusting that dubious concept..if I feel threatened by people like that in this world can I just bring them to Florida and shoot them?

  2. Fucking Texas honkeys giving us responsible firearm owners a bad name. The very lethal nature of firearms requires a grave physical threat to justify their use. Trespassing doesn't even begin to rise to that occasion.

    The worst part is the aftermath. The wife is quoted as saying, "For me, justice is simple. They need to be dead."

    Of course, the fact that the trespassers are a buncha neegras probably helps her sleep better.


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