Saturday, May 16, 2009

Famous fucktard: Ted Rall

Sigh. We atheists can't win for losing. On the one hand, we're condemned for having no community; on the other, fucktarded anti-atheist bigot Ted Rall mocks us for daring to have a community.

Atheists are disparate, and none of us hang out with all of us. Still and all, there are many positive points of commonality among many atheists, including enjoyment of science, secularism and political concern over the place of ridiculous superstition in government and law, humanistic ethics. Even just banding together in response to bigotry such as Rall's is a positive point of commonality.


  1. Ted Rall is an atheist. That doesn't prevent his cartoon from being stupid -- I think it was. And his explanation is unsatisfactory:

    "This was inspired by a New York Times article about how atheism is
    catching on. Funny, for me it's not like that. I'm not against religion (although, objectively, it is a terrible distraction from efforts needed to solve real problems and often becomes a conduit for hatred)...I just
    don't think about it. The idea of getting together with other people who don't believe in God makes me laugh."

  2. Sadly, we have evidence of people in many groups internalizing the bigotry of their own oppressors. I suppose atheists are no exception.


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