Monday, May 18, 2009

Doing it right

With all the fucktardery floating around, it's nice to see a believer approach the issue with an open mind:
If logic were the only rubric through which I considered reality or truth, atheism would definitely make the most sense. Christianity is not laden with a lot of sense-making, from my perspective. ...

Here's the thing: what I believe is nothing I can prove. It's intangible, indefensible, and incredibly vague - and becoming more so all of the time. ... What I realized last night (and upon further reflection today) is that I don't have any need to know anything as absolute. 'Not sure that's movement toward atheism, but it does feel like movement toward health, freedom, and goodness.
As an atheist, I see what theists and Christians struggle with — the vague, intangible, indefensible and vague feelings — to be crystal clear in myself. I want to be happy, I want all of the rest of humanity to be happy, and I'm willing to act on those beliefs for no other reason than that's what I personally want. I might fail in my struggle, but if I don't try, I will certainly fail. I don't need any sort of god to live my life fully, to care about my fellow human beings, or to strive to act in our mutual best interests.

The "fucktardery" tag is included so those looking at the list will see an example of the complete opposite of fucktardery: sensibility, open-mindedness, and a mutually sympathetic encounter of opposing views.


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