Monday, May 18, 2009

Catholic fucktard

Austin Cline debunks Thomas A. Flynn's Catholic fucktardery:
Some are calling baptism “a form of child abuse”, as if the gift of faith we equivalent to the atrocious situations of violence in the home that we all know so well.
Ah, nothing like starting a post with the good old Fox News ("some people say...") fallacy. He goes on to mangle Jeremy Bentham to the point of libel:
[Bentham] conjured up the idea of establishing an ethical code based on two core principles: do all that brings you pleasure, and avoid all that causes pain.

Apparently atheists don't get sick, don't want an education, and lack any shred of human empathy:
As atheism marches on in its battle against God and Christianity, it should take a moment to consider what society would be like without them. Many hospitals would be left unattended, orphanages would become abandoned, schools and universities would have to close.

But the pièce de résistance of Flynn's fucktardery comes at the end:
But what would be most surprising for the atheists is that with Christianity gone and the human person reduced to a mere biological mass, there will be no one left to protect their rights against an inevitable tyranny of the most powerful.
When Christianity protects the rights of gay people, women, exploited workers, infidels, heretics, atheists, etc. ad nauseam (not to mention children molested by Catholic clergy) from the inevitable tyranny of powerful religious interests, I'll be able to read a sentence like this without vomiting.


  1. It should be noted that there are Christians who do fight for the rights of gay and lesbians, the separation of church and state, reproductive rights, etc. The United Church of Canada, the largest protestant church there fought *for* gay marriage. The United Church of Christ has also done likewise in the US. I know they don't represent the majority and it doesn't take away from your point about this article which maligns atheists. But there are Christians and atheists who find themselves in the same boat on many of these issues.

  2. This is true indeed. And, it must be said, there are no small few misogynist atheists.

    But it does seem that even the best of the churches follow behind the secular humanists.


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