Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fucktarded anti-atheist bigotry, the series

I subscribe to a Google blog search on "atheists or atheism". This search reveals about one instance of fucktarded anti-atheist bigotry each day.

To call a post fucktarded anti-atheist bigotry, the post must fulfill the following criteria:
  1. It must make generalizations
  2. that are false
  3. that deprecate atheists
  4. employing obviously stupid or fallacious reasoning
It doesn't make sense to actually engage such people; their employment of stupid reasoning demonstrates they are probably impervious to correct reasoning. It's sometimes fun to blast them, but in the end, it's a wearying endeavor, with as little chance of success as calm reason. But this bigotry and stupidity shouldn't go unchallenged, either.

I will confine myself to noting them, briefly quoting them and adding them to the list of fucktards.

Today's fucktard is Dr. Sam Storms* of Slice of Laodicea, writing on The Search for an Honest Atheist:
Do honest atheists exist? ... What I mean in asking the question is whether or not there exists an atheist who honestly believes there is no God. ...

I contend they do not. I contend that [self-described atheists] are living and speaking in denial of what they know to be true. ...

“There is within the human mind,” said Calvin, “and indeed by natural instinct, an awareness of divinity. . . . To prevent anyone from taking refuge in the pretense of ignorance, God himself has implanted in all men a certain understanding of his divine majesty.” ...

Calvin points us in two directions. Not only has God “sowed in men’s minds that seed of religion,” what we often refer to as conscience (see Romans 2:12-16), but he has also “revealed himself and daily discloses himself in the whole workmanship of the universe. As a consequence, men cannot open their eyes without being compelled to see him.” Upon all his works in the natural order of creation “he has engraved unmistakable marks of his glory, so clear and so prominent that even unlettered and stupid folk cannot plead the excuse of ignorance.” ...

Do not go in search of an honest atheist. You won’t find one.
Of course not. Stone is right, Stone is obviously right, and anyone who disagrees with him is dishonest by definition. Dr. Stone can no more find an honest atheist than I can find a married bachelor.

*I don't know on what basis Storms calls himself a doctor. It sure isn't a degree in logic.


  1. I think it would be helpful to point out some of ignorant atheists' viewpoints as well.

    There are a number of false accusations/generalizations that also occur from our side of the fence.

  2. Point away. I've criticized atheists before, often harshly.

  3. I think the Dr's mistake was not keeping it short and simple. He could have just stated, atheists are nothing but irrational agnostics.


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