Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yet another Christian fucktard

Yet another Christian fucktard weighs in: Audio debate: Should Christians be coerced to act like non-Christians by the state? (The answer, by the way, is a definite "Yes! Shut the fuck up and keep your evil superstitions private.")
Christians should be allowed to express their faith in public. In particular, should Christians be allowed to express their faith in the workplace? In the UK, it sounds like it is virtually illegal, just like it was in Stalinist Russia or North Korea today.

The way it works in the UK is like this: if you are a nurse, and you offer to pray for a patient, you’re suspended. Period.
Three, yes, three items of complete moronic fucktarditry. First: whether something is allowed in public is a completely different issue than whether something something is allowed in the workplace. Second, in Stalinist Russia (at least according to what I assume the writer's biases are) religion was actually illegal, not "virtually" illegal. Third, being suspended from work for any behavior in the workplace does not mean that behavior is even virtually illegal: I can be suspended from work (or fired) for drinking a beer; that doesn't mean drinking beer is "virtually illegal".

Atheism naturally leads to heavy-handed censorship of other views.

Human rights and liberties have no place in an atheistic, materialistic universe – it’s just survival of the fittest. And that’s what led atheist regimes to murder 100 million people in the 20th century. Violence, hatred and coercion are natural on atheism. That’s consistent atheism. There are no objective moral values, moral duties and morally significant actions in an atheistic universe. It’s all accidental.

Yes, I am exaggerating for effect.
This is not exaggeration, it's libel, pure and simple. So many Christians are just out-and-out liars one wonders if they have the basic intelligence and reading comprehension to understand, "Thou shalt not bear false witness." Evolution ("survival of the fittest", not a scientific phrase) is descriptive, not normative. One might as well say that in a materialistic universe, there are no stairs: its just things falling to the ground because of gravity. This is a completely retarded position. It completely ignores the presence of millions of atheists who do in fact support liberty and human rights. The only "rights" atheists typically do not support are the rights of retarded assholes like the author to shove their ridiculous superstitions in the faces of reasonable people.

And what's his position? "Christianity! We've murdered and tortured slightly fewer people than non-Christians!" Perhaps the author might want to join the marketing team for Bank of America: "We've stolen slightly fewer billions of dollars than Citibank!"

Fascism is the system of government in which the values and purposes of the state are imposed on the people through state coercion.
The author would do well to read a little history (or indeed anything outside his compendium of evil, retarded superstitions). Fascism has a definite meaning. All governments impose values by coercion on their citizens: we coerce would-be murderers to respect the value of life, would-be thieves to respect the value of property, would-be rapists to respect the value of consent. I wonder how the author would justify the members of his (presumably) ideal Biblical society stoning practically everyone in sight, including disobedient children, people who work on the sabbath, and women who get raped.

It's really amazing, how completely fucking stupid so many Christians can be. Not even the atheist Randians and Libertarians hold a candle to the mendacity, stupidity and sheer head-up-the-ass cluelessness of millions of Christians (and don't get me started on the Muslims).

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  1. "Atheism naturally leads to heavy-handed censorship of other views"

    I guess as far as the xtian f-tard is concerned, criticism is virtual censorship.


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