Monday, May 18, 2009

Victory for fucktardery

Fucktard Mark Noonan doesn't believe in atheists:
But in the end, I don’t believe in atheists - meaning, I don’t believe there is, has been or ever will be any person who will be entirely convinced there is no God. Atheism is an attitude - a self-centered, elitist conceit about one’s supposed intellectual superiority coupled with a desire to have this alleged superiority acknowledged by others.
There goes one irony meter. He goes on, though.
If you were really convinced that God didn’t exist then you simply wouldn’t care that some words were said to what you consider to be a non-existent entity. A truly intellectual person would understand that others do believe it and have this need and so common courtesy means you’d not stand in their way…
Sigh. There's more!
For some people the problem is that they are created - can’t stand the thought that they didn’t just will themselves into existence and thus became the smartest person in the room. So, they cook up absurd theories of universes creating themselves and look down upon those poor fools on their knees in prayer.


  1. You know, with some slight word modifications and some slight contextual adjustments you could say the same thing for those that do believe.

  2. ... you could say the same thing for those that do believe. -

    I don't quite understand. What precisely could I say about people who believe precisely what?

    And if you have something to say, come out and say it. And put some sort of handle on your comments so I know I'm talking to a particular person.


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