Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fucktardery on atheism and atrocity

To get him on the list: Should Christians be coerced to act like non-Christians by the state?:
Atheism naturally leads to heavy-handed censorship of other views.

Human rights and liberties have no place in an atheistic, materialistic universe – it’s just survival of the fittest. And that’s what led atheist regimes to murder 100 million people in the 20th century. Violence, hatred and coercion are natural on atheism. That’s consistent atheism. There are no objective moral values, moral duties and morally significant actions in an atheistic universe. It’s all accidental.
He says he's "exaggerating for effect," but he's simply spouting fucktarded anti-atheist bigotry.

There's also Fr Longenecker on Angry and Aggressive Atheism. Besides a plethora of logical and rhetorical fallacies, we see this:
Why should an atheist be nice, tolerant, polite and self sacrificial? There is nothing at all in a secular, atheistic worldview which mandates or even suggests that there is value in such virtue. The only virtue in Darwinism as a world view is survival of the fittest.


  1. The Robot Girl5/16/09, 8:30 AM

    No objective morals etc etc.
    Huh, so cos i dont believe in me religion, so i got no morals and stuff?
    It's just same as what the Taliban are saying, 100%, it's just the same, but cos he is writing in America, uses nice words, whole political context is different, it sounds ok.
    er, but its not ok at all.

  2. The Robot Girl5/16/09, 8:37 AM

    This is a attempt to dehuamize us and stuff, no morals etc etc, we do bad stuff- like atrocitys, its dehumanizations of non believers.
    So they got no respect actually, no interest in diversity, or anything.
    Now how come we are getting label with this stuff like we killed millions and stuff?
    This is me answer- cos totalitarizm came in secular post enlighhtemnemt society first.
    And so the connection- wrongly, is with secularism.
    Well now we see religious totalitarianizm- which can and does and will exist- killing millions.
    I dont even need to talk about the Crusades, or the 30 Years war- (a) cos its boring (b) cos i dont want to sound retarded-fucktarded also

  3. The Robot Girl5/16/09, 8:43 AM

    Ooops, ok for one more?
    a) Stalin (ex priest)
    b) SS- modeled on Jesuits
    c) Hitler- Christian wagnerian grail seeking post rafeailite romantic
    d) Mussolini- Catholic
    e) Pope of Rome- ex hitler youth
    f) Catholics assist SS to escape to South America
    g) Franco- Catholic
    h) Romanian Iron Guard- Catholic
    i) Serb Leaders in Bosna genoicde- Othodox
    j) Genocide of Armeinains- Mussulman


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