Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because it works

Why does the Republican party seem completely unable to say anything except trivially obvious lies and bullshit?

Because it works.

No one with any political or economic power has any interest whatsoever in telling the actual truth; there are only differences of opinion between capitalist factions about what sort of lies to tell. The Democrats tell "it's all going to turn out right in the end" sort of lies; the Republicans tell "you're all fucked, might as well lie back and enjoy it" sort of lies.

The truth has ceased to matter, and nobody, neither the powers-that-be nor the people, gives a rats ass about what Ophelia and Jeremy think.


  1. Huh. I was just thinking about this phenomenon as I loaded the Planet Atheism page, and this post was right up at the top.

    I wish I had been thinking it because I was thinking about politics or philosophy or something of deep import, but really I was thinking about one of the member blogs of that list. I won't say which one, as the blogger is kind of unpleasant and vindictive -- yet more evidence that we atheists can be just as horrible to deal with as theists -- and would probably come in and troll your comments section if I mentioned them. The point is, though, I was wondering why this particular blogger constantly throws up insulting and transparently false posts, and realized that they were just like the Republican Party, in that most of the readers could care less about whether the posts were true or false, polite or rude; they just want something to entertain them and make them feel superior for a brief period.

    Thanks for the reference to the book -- I've seen it in bookstores before, but didn't pick it up because I was in a hurry. I'll go read it, since you obviously think it's important enough to warrant a link. :)

  2. Don't worry about people trolling comments; I use a pretty heavy hand moderating comments.

    It's a good book; but focused on offenses against truth in academia rather than politics.


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