Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Religion and killiing

Jeff Allen says, "Dear liberals and athiests [sic], My religion is the only thing that keeps me from killing you, are you sure you want me to give it up?"

Here's the thing, Jeff: If you're standing on the edge of a cliff, it's your choice whether you step off or not. All I can do is point out the factual truth that if you do step off, you will fall to your death.

Likewise: Keep or give up your religion as you please. I would prefer you didn't, but it's your choice whether you kill me (or try to kill me) or not. All I can do is point out the factual truth that on the personal level I know how to defend myself and I'm willing to kill in self defense; additionally the police take a dim view of murder and I hear prison is an uncomfortable place to spend the rest of your life (which may be on the short side, as my state has capital punishment for first degree murder). On a social level, it's your choice whether or not to start a civil war, despite my preference that you don't. But keep in mind that liberals, atheists, socialists and communists are slow to anger but fierce when finally roused: as the Thai national anthem goes, we're nice, friendly, tolerant people, but if you pull out a knife we'll finish the job. Again, it's entirely your choice what to start, how it ends might not be so amenable to your will.

I'm not at all interested in relying on bullshit superstitions to maintain civilized behavior. That's why the police have real guns and prisons have real bars.

Ball's in your court, you cowardly little prick.

[h/t to Atheist Revolution]

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