Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ken Miller is lying

I don't see any other way to interpret Jerry Coyne's latest rebuttal to Ken Miller than that Miller is either intentionally lying or is too stupid to read the plain meaning of Coyne's remarks.

I don't see how anyone can remain a professional scientist, regardless of his intelligence and skill, without an absolute commitment to the factual truth.

Perhaps Coyne can't say it, but I can: Ken Miller is a liar and unfit to be a member of the scientific community.


  1. Of course he is lying. Ultimatley, when you are trying to argue on the side of the argument that is against the truth, I don't think you can ultimately avoid lying. At best, you can lie by ommission - ignoring those points you lose on.

    Evolution is true, beyond any doubt. Given the mountain of evidence, the only way to deny it is to lie your ass off.

  2. It should be noted that Miller, so far as I know, completely supports evolutionary science and his work in biology is well-respected in the scientific community.

    The controversy with Coyne hinges on whether science is compatible with religion. Miller, a Catholic, naturally argues on the accommodationist side.

    It's possible Miller could be correct, and he has — or at least had — enough credibility and intelligence that we would be well-served to hear him out.

    But to descend into the sleazy dishonesty of Republicans and cretinists is evidence only of insincerity: Miller must know at some level that he doesn't have an argumentative leg to stand on.


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