Monday, June 22, 2009

We're not against everything Christian

A couple of fucktards, Andrew (saying, "I know you people are on a mission to discredit anything and everything Christian.") and Suzanne (saying "[Atheists oppose] "theocracy" [which] means ANY laws inspired by Christianity even if people of other religions (and none) can and do agree with them."), seem to think that atheists are against everything Christian. This view is arrant nonsense, a classic straw man fallacy. A culture with two thousand years of history can't get everything wrong, and even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Atheists don't approve of murder, we don't approve of theft, we think families and communities are peachy keen. We do believe we should love our neighbors, and we want everyone to be happy, so far as that's possible; when it's not possible, we want people to suffer as little as possible. We know that people enjoy ritual, and pomp and circumstance have their places.

First, we oppose superstitious bullshit, and even though there are some things that are good about Christianity (at least as a culture), Christianity is simply lousy with superstitious bullshit. More importantly, the "good stuff" in Christian culture is still good even if no God exists, and people can live by it without buying into the superstitious bullshit. Even more importantly, attaching the "good stuff" to the superstitious bullshit makes it easier to sell all the evil, suffering, oppression, exploitation and enslavement that does require all the superstitious bullshit.

So fuck you, assholes. You're not doing anything but covering for your evil, perverted, sanctimonious brethren, and shielding them from criticism.

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