Sunday, June 21, 2009


Apparently using an illegal technique called naked short selling, hedge fund managers have nearly ruined a drug company making what appears to be an effective drug for treating prostate cancer, a drug that could save tens of thousands of lives. [h/t to kevin]


If a man has a gun, and is the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, he's going to kill you. Squeamishness or sentimentality might stop him, but no moral principle will. Religious belief is irrelevant: since you can say anything about God; he'll just convince himself that God wants him to kill you, and who's to say he's wrong? The only way to protect yourself is to make it harder to collect than it is to earn an "honest" living: to remove or counteract his interest in killing you. Happily, bourgeois insurance companies do indeed have their own interest in counteracting your would-be killer's interests, and we don't have a lot of people getting murdered for their life insurance.

This is the problem with bourgeois democracy. Naked short selling is actually illegal, the government knows its happening, and yet they rarely investigate the practice, much less convict billionaire hedge fund managers. All the "principles" were actually in place to regulate the financial system, and all of these principles have been repealed or merely overlooked by our "democratic" government.


The bourgoisie owns the government. The government acts in their interest. The only interest "moderating" the government is the "liberal" wing of the bourgeoisie, operating on platitudes from Roosevelt era with the justification of "saving" the US from socialism, or communism (or more likely fascism) only faintly-remembered. And too the masses of working people have been ground down so subtly that they don't yet realize they're voting for the people who would literally kill them for a few bucks.

The bourgeoisie is going to push their privilege as far as they can; if they can get away with it, they'll push it to Hitlerian or 1984-like extremes. They won't stop until the people rise up and take their power away. And it is entirely possible that things will get bad enough that the people can no longer do so without the bourgeoisie taking their ball and going home: nuking the world until humanity is extinct.

It may already be too late. But I'd rather go down fighting than submit to slavery.


  1. You wrote: nuking the world until humanity is extinct.

    The only think that scares me more than the prospect of nuclear war (or, more likely, an isolated nuclear incident) is the fact that Christidiots would embrace the event as a sign that the end of times is near. How you we eradicate this dangerous type of thinking without employing totalitarian means?

  2. How you we eradicate this dangerous type of thinking without employing totalitarian means?

    No fucking clue, mate.


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